Increase Revenue,
Reduce Risk

In today's online environment, application performance and the management of constant threats (including DDoS attack) are critical to the success of your customer's business.

It's time to consider how to support your clients as they address the demands placed on them by the evolving Internet with the introduction of robust DNS services backed by ten years of experience in the management of DNS.

DiscoveryDNS for Resellers is a premium managed DNS service specifically designed for Registrars and hosting providers. This service will allow you to increase revenue by the addition of a new product to your portfolio without the significant capital and operational investment.

It's time to discover a new way to serve your customers better – it's time for DiscoveryDNS.

Reduce Risk

Leverage the expert capability of a dedicated DNS provider to add or expand your service portfolio.

Simple Integration

Access to seamless integration processes to ensure minimal interruption to your business.

For further information on DiscoveryDNS for Resellers product, please contact us today.

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